The Sourdough Bagel shop owner's dream come true

Posted at 8:22 AM, Jun 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-13 10:22:19-04


One local business is doing well in spite of trying to open a shop during a pandemic.

And the owner says she has the community to thank.

Growing up enjoying Grand Bagel, Bonny Perkins realized a hole had been left after their closure, and said, somebody should start making bagels.

She decided to be that somebody.

United by roller derby, three women are now co-workers.

"I was very, very fortunate in that I got to be part of Bonnie’s experimentation with the bagels, so she’s like tell me what your favorite flavors are and will you taste these," The Sourdough Bagel employee Sarah Hafer said.

"Who wouldn’t want to spend the day slinging bagels with your best friends," Hafer said.

The Sourdough Bagel is filling a large need.

"We have people thank us all the time for opening," Hafer said.

"Either they’re on their way to court, or they’re on the way to work, and it’s very important that we give those people an experience. We want to start their days off great. We want to know their names when they come in and know what their usual is," Hafer said.

"We bake them the traditional way, boil them and then bake them. which gives them that nice crust," owner Bonny Perkins said.

Through this process, The Sourdough Bagel is even filling some needs that they didn't even know existed.

They have had a very positive response from the Jewish community in Billings.

"I'm really flattered, I’ve been invited to Yom Kippur to bring them bagels for that. It’s really touching," Perkins said.

Her dream would be to eventually expand.

"Maybe not say they have to pay me but give them instructions on the bagel cart, give them my recipe, have like The Sourdough Bagels all over the country.

The shop has been open a little over a month, and selling out regularly.

"The bagels aren’t beautiful, our hands are in it and so is our love," Hafer said.

"There are kid customers that call me Bonny Bagels," Perkins said.

"We say this is a no sorry zone," Perkins said, "We don't want you to be sorry for existing here".

"We've seen people paying it forward for grocery store workers and gas attendant folks," Hafer said, "It’s been really really awesome to see that side of Billings".