"CrackajacK" to provide a space for art creation and marketing

Posted at 9:51 PM, Dec 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-07 07:54:41-05

BILLINGS - For many in the crafting industry business has been at a stand-still, with shows canceled, and postponed.

In this Q2 Rebound, Crackajack, a new store in downtown Billings, is taking a step to help with that problem.

"Crackajack really just means it's a person who is skilled at a particular task, so the whole point of the store is to give anybody kind of a space to just do their thing, create their craft," CrackajacK manager Eullie Shay said.

The building is a place for artisans, designers, painters, and other crafters to create and market their work.

"COVID kind of ruined us, canceled shows everywhere and with this, it's is so permanent, we're not going to go anywhere," Shay said.

Owner Rikkie Jager is a life-long craft-maker and art business owner.

"I started with crochet, and then I went from crochet to knitting to dyeing fabric, purses," Jager said.

So Jager went from taking over any place with art supplies and art, to finally having a place to create and display, and help others do the same

"This, I found out about and it was less than a week later. So it's just a whirlwind," Jager said.

People can purchase vendor space, small or large, and can even rent just seasonally.

"Being able to showcase everybody together at the same time is the best part," Shay said.

Crackajack will also feature a classroom in the rear of the store, that people can rent for classes and activities.

"Creativity helps with the sanity," Jager said.

The family run business says the best part of art is that there are no rules, and Crackajack will have a similar outlook.

"The whole point of it is to just build everybody up, keep everybody together even in the time we're in. Deal with what you have and go for it," Shay said.

The managers of the business, Erica, and Eullie, happen to be Jager's eldest and youngest children.

Crackajack's Grand Opening Celebration runs through Sunday, December 5th.

The store is located at 1810 1st Avenue North.

Vendors currently include:

Jacqui Brown - Biker Betty
Janet Bergsing - Hello Pink
Rikkie Jager - Renegade Studios
Dodi Hurd - MT Beach Bum Designs
Courtney Arneson - Courstie's Creations
Mary Irwin - Bandanas by Mary