Bigfork business rebounds from COVID-19 with help from state grant

Showtyme Act II Bigfork
Posted at 5:00 PM, Dec 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-20 19:00:40-05

BIGFORK — Bigfork during the summer is usually full of tourists and people enjoying Flathead Lake but one restaurant would have closed this past summer if not for state-funded coronavirus grants.

“Bigfork is right at the north end of the lake and we have The Playhouse right beside the restaurant so that's usually full -- and then we're full in the restaurant. But that didn't really happen this year," said Aaron Killian, the owner and chef at Showtyme Act II.

Killian says that due to COVID-19, this past summer resulted in fewer customers, adding to the financial loss of three months of being closed.

“We opened back up in June for the summertime and the normal summertime around here is you know packed," said Killian.

Despite being closed, and running low on funds, Killian decided to make changes to the menu to offer takeout for people who were worried about sitting restaurants.

“Traditionally our food isn't really to go friendly so we kind of we made it a little bit that way for like the last menu change so people could take it home and actually enjoy it," said Killian.

Killian also received $20,000 from the Business Stabilization Grant from the state to help make ends meet.

“Actually, without those on you know we wouldn’t be open honestly yeah because it was just like you know like this summer we just broke even," said Killian.

Killian says that they are still open and are going to keep powering through the pandemic, "just know that we're open we're still open we're still going to be doing it."

Showtyme was one of 94 Bigfork businesses to receive the Business Stabilization Grant.