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Pizza Hut’s ‘Goodbye Pies’ can make breakups a little easier to digest

Pizza Hut’s ‘Goodbye Pies’ can make breakups a little easier to digest
Posted at 11:05 AM, Feb 07, 2024

William Shakespeare may have written, “parting is such sweet sorrow,” but when it comes to breakups, we know the truth.

With the added pressure of Valentine’s Day approaching, Pizza Hut understands the pain that comes from breakups, especially the awkwardness of having to be the person doing the dumping. That’s why the pizza chain decided to launch their new, limited-edition Hot Honey Goodbye Pies the week before Valentine’s Day, to help ease the woe of heartbreak. Call it a cheesy way to break up.

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Pizza Hut Goodbye Pie
Pizza Hut

Now through Feb. 14, you can order a Hot Honey Goodbye Pie from participating Pizza Hut locations to deliver to your soon-to-be ex or former flame.

Think delivering a pizza to dump someone isn’t in good taste? Well, a pizza is much more tasty than naming a cockroach after your ex, right?

Each day, Pizza Hut’s Goodbye Pie website only accepts a limited number of orders. Customers can head to the website to place an order for a Hot Honey pie and include a customized message to write on the outside of the pizza box.

If you happen to miss the daily order window, don’t worry, you can try again the next day. Pizza Hut even has a random excuse generator to help you find the perfect words for your breakup message.

Exterior photo of Pizza Hut Goodbye Pie
Pizza Hut

The Hot Honey Pizza amps up Pizza Hut’s popular double pepperoni pizza with heat from a habanero-infused honey sauce —so with a Pizza Hut Goodbye Pie, your breakup can be sweet, spicy and a bit savage.

You can also try Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey Wings as a side dish with a kick (out the door).

If you can’t bring yourself to break up with your ex-Valentine via pizza, we understand. You could order a Goodbye Pie for yourself to drown your sorrows in cheesy goodness, or to celebrate your saucy personality!

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