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Pay to have feral cat named after your ex neutered at shelter’s Valentine event

Pay to have feral cat named after your ex neutered at shelter’s Valentine event
Posted at 10:50 AM, Feb 05, 2024

If you’re not exactly feeling the lovey-dovey spirit of Valentine’s Day this year, and you’d rather use the holiday to get back at a former flame, we have found the perfect way to do so — while also helping animals in need.

Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center in Blackwood, New Jersey, is offering a “Neuter Your Ex” donation program. In exchange for a $50 donation, the shelter will name a feral cat after your ex — and then get the feline spayed or neutered.

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“The cat will then be spayed or neutered before being released back to their colony as part of our trap-neuter-return (TNR) program,” the shelter wrote in an Instagram post. “TNR is a vital component of feral cat population control as it breaks the breeding cycle and stops the birth of unwanted cats in our community.”

Eric Schwartz, director of development for Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center, told CBS News the program has “absolutely taken off” since it was announced on Jan. 24.

“As we start talking about a tagline, ‘Some things shouldn’t breed,’ I think it becomes so relatable to people,” he said. “Because whether they want to talk about it openly or not, I think an image or a name comes into their mind. So it’s just kind of taken off and we’re certainly appreciative of the attention that it can bring to these animals.”

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You can also check your local shelter to see if they have an event. Other shelters across the country are offering the program, like Heaven Can Wait Animal Haven in Muskegon, Michigan. They are asking for just $25 to name a feral cat after your ex, and then spay or neuter and release it. However, you do not need to live near any of the shelters offering the program, as donations are received online.

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There’s another popular way to help animals and exact some revenge on an ex around Valentine’s Day. Multiple zoos are offering to name a roach in your ex’s honor and feed it to one of their resident animals.

The Bronx Zoo is charging $15 for a roach and digital certificate, while the San Antonio Zoo is offering it for $10. You can also name a vegetable for just $5 or a rat for $25.

Name a cockroach after an ex at the San Antonio Zoo.
San Antonio Zoo

Happy Valentine’s Day — or not!

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