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We're Open: Walkers

We're Open: Walkers
Posted at 9:15 PM, Apr 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-06 23:15:32-04

BILLINGS — "We Are Open": is not a common sign we're seeing around town during the coronavirus outbreak.

Q2 wants to help local business owners and their staff with "We're Open Billings"

Walkers restaurant downtown is open and helping their employees during these rough times.

Nick Steen, the head chef and general manager of Walkers restaurant in downtown Billings said being open has seems like it's helping people feel a little more normal.

"I got a call from a customer the other day, a guest that comes in and he called and said he wanted to say thank you, because the dinner felt like I was in Walkers. It brings a tear to your eye. You try to take care of people and it's just hard. It's hard on everybody. We thrive in this industry to take care of people," Steen said.

Walkers restaurant is bringing comfort to your home because although you can’t be in their restaurant, they know how to bring some normality to your table.

Not only are they taking care of their dedicated customers, they’re taking care of their employees.

“It’s not just the employee it’s the family as well. We have a guy who calls in who has a family of five and so we don’t just take care of him we take care of his family; we are all affected by this," Steen said.

Walkers offers carryout and delivery by calling: 406-245-9291 or ordering online at Walkersgrill.com

At the end of the day, Steen said the end goal is to keep people healthy and happy.

“It’s really about our team. This is a family. I spend more time with these guys and gals than I do with my own wife and kids and so we need to make sure we take care of all of them. We are taking peoples temperatures when they come in and make sure that they are ok to walk into the door. Gloves, masks. So we are doing what we can do right now,he said.

Walkers is Open and here for you. And yes, they are staying optimistic.

"The chefs and myself are really getting excited about what they are itching to cook and the servers are just dying to see the customers again," said Steen. "The bartenders cant wait to make cocktails again behind the bar. Mostly we are just ready to take care of people. That’s what we really want to do.”