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Rimrock Subaru stays open and gives back to Family Services in Billings

Posted at 11:04 PM, Apr 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-04 01:05:27-04

Auto-repair shops are considered to be a necessary industry, as we go down the list of what can and can’t stay open during Montana Gov. Steve Bullock's COVID-19-related stay-at-home order, and Rimrock Subaru in Billings is alive and kicking.

"Whether you go to the Subaru store, the GMC store or Ford or Chevy are open for business and they are able to make sure your vehicle is safe and being taken care of,” said Ernie Lee, Rimrock Subaru general manager.

Not only are they open for you, Rimrock Subaru is opening their heart during this unfamiliar time to Family Services with the biggest donation they have ever given. Lee says they gave $24,242 for their “share the love campaign”.

“It’s a cause that is close to my heart, because I understand in times like this stop and think about it, there’s lot of people for unfortunately for the next two weeks who are going to be laid off and going to be living on an unemployment check and they have to make difficult decisions such as do I pay my rent do I pay for my medicine or do I eat," Lee said.

Family Services and so many other great charities give back to fill in the gaps in the community, and in times like these, helps the region to continue to move forward so that we can all thrive.

Lee said that is why they chose Family Services for the 13th year to give back to. "truly they are like family to me and just to be able to give a little bit, means a lot to me.”

During this time, Lee said to embrace your family and be thankful for them, and said little extra goes a long way.

"Just know that there are people in our community right now that are having a really really tough time. If you have that little extra, find that non-profit and just give it. Give a little to that non-profit. Because whether it's Family Service or the food bank, they can all use it and the next two weeks are going to be really critical."