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Red Oxx 'Buy one Give one' leash donation gets positive response

A local company gives back to our four legged friends
Posted at 11:56 PM, Jun 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-02 15:50:06-04

BILLINGS — It's been a few weeks since Q2 aired a story about Red Oxx for Q2's "We're Open" initiate.

Even though Montana is now in Phase Two of reopening, Red Oxx is still partnering with B.A.R.K, a local animal shelter who has seen a spike in adoptions during these times and a need for more leashes.

Red Oxx, started making leashes for dogs since COVID-19 and its program donates a leash for every leash they sell to B.A.R.K.

Jim Markel, the CEO of Red Oxx said the response since the previous story aired has been tremendous.

"We have sold over 150 leashes nationwide. We have customers from all over the country nationwide, as a matter of fact and they have been buying leashes and donating them back. Some of them don’t even have dogs and and saw the video and have been buying donations and giving them both to B.A.R.K.Personally I absolutely love animals and dogs are my favorite and we were just looking for things that we can do. Obviously things have been tough with the economy. We were looking for a little support, obviously we aren’t asking people to buy and expensive piece of luggage, and help show support for those in need. And our machines are super heavy, we can’t sew light-weight stuff like masks and gowns so a dog leash and donate one, was a great way to contribute."

Q2 news also met with a B.A.R.K. volunteer, Kendra Fike, to speak with her about how much this has been helping the local animal care and rescue.

"We adopt out over 500 dogs a year and the partnership with Jim at Red Oxx has been amazing and it just solidifies the community that we live in," said Fike, who is also the Q2 digital director.

Since we have all spent more time at home during COVID-19, the animal rescue center has seen a rise in animal adoptions.

"We have, we have seen a lot more people reach out to our foster to adopt which is a great thing. More people are spending time at home and now is a great time to add a great pet to your home," Fike said.

To find out more information about how you can rescue your next four-legged friend, Kendra says they post everything on their Facebook page.

"Yeah we post everything on our Facebook page so if you look for Billings Animal Care and Rescue on Facebook you can find all of the information of all of our adoptable dogs," Fikd said. "You can also contact us that way."

Markel added that this is just a great way to see the community and people nationwide giving back.

"This feels really great for these people who are taking on a big burden of bringing in a new pet into their home. So for them to get a bonus of a new leash like this for their dog and something made right here in Billings I think is a really great community story and I just wanted to give back a little.”

To buy a leash and get one donated for the next adopted animal, you can visit: https://www.redoxx.com/bark-dog-leash