One Class at a Time


'One Class at a Time' recognizes Lewis and Clark Middle School teacher

Posted at 4:00 AM, Feb 09, 2024

Q2, Western Security Bank, City Brew Coffee, and the Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools have teamed up for "One Class at a Time." The program recognizes teachers who go above and beyond to help their students.

Meet Marie Smith, a special education teacher who works hard with her students to draw out the very best in them, preparing them for the future.

"We learn everyday and we just have to find what those kids love," said Miss Smith. "If we can find what those kids love and how they learn then they can grow into productive members of society, and really learning here at school is, 'How do I become a productive member of society?' I tell my kids that every day. It's not that I want you to do this hard assignment, I want you to be better so that you can take over the community later in life."

Teaching special education students has its challenges, but Miss Smith meets those challenges head-on knowing that her students have so much to offer. They only need the right guidance to get there.

"Sometimes these kids don't have someone who understands them, and when you get to know who they really are and their needs you can become that advocate and that mediator. It really helps that student grow. I just hope that the kids are wanting to find their passion and can find that one thing that they're good at so that they can then become the great person that I know they are deep down. A disability doesn't make you less of a person. It honestly makes you a better person. You just have to overcome your challenges."

For being a teacher who is an amazing advocate for special education students, Miss Smith was presented with a $500 grant from the Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools, proudly sponsored by Western Security Bank, and a $150 gift card from City Brew Coffee.

If you would like your teacher to be the next recipient, make a nomination HERE.