One Class at a Time


"One Class at a Time'' honors teacher at Independent Elementary

Posted at 4:00 AM, Dec 22, 2023
and last updated 2024-01-08 10:42:15-05

Q2, Western Security Bank, City Brew Coffee, and Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools have teamed up for "One Class at a Time." The program recognizes teachers who go above and beyond to help their students.

Meet Abby Spitzer, a 3rd-grade teacher who has implemented a budgeting system in her classroom to teach her kids the importance of properly handling money.

"I thought, personally for me, it's very hard for me to budget," said Miss Spitzer. "So I thought teaching them young and to be more independent and to be like, 'Hey, I need to save this much for my desk and then if I do that then I have enough for myself.' And to instill that now they can use that going up to high school because I know in high school I didn't get the opportunity to budget my money, so giving them that little push will hopefully help them in the future."

And she'll put this grant to good use.

"I can use that for extra supplies for my kiddos that don't have the supplies and to help out with our reading nook over here. They're always wanting more to read and I'm like, I'm running out of books."

It's easy to tell that Abby loves to have fun in her classroom and she's got her students in the holiday spirit.

"My kiddos like cats so I decided to wear this. I thought if I'm festive then everyone else will be festive in the class and want to come to school."

For being a teacher who has been called a rock star at Independent School, Miss Spitzer was presented with a $500 grant from the Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools, proudly sponsored by Western Security Bank, and a $150 gift card from City Brew Coffee.

If you would like your teacher to be the next recipient, make a nomination HERE.