One Class at a Time


Lockwood High School teacher earns "One Class at a Time" award

Posted at 6:55 AM, Dec 08, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-08 09:14:44-05

Q2, Western Security Bank, City Brew Coffee, and Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools have teamed up for "One Class at a Time." It's a program that recognizes teachers who go above and beyond to help their students.

This is Quentin Staton, who goes by "Q", a choir and theatre teacher who is passionate about the arts and wants kids to know there is a special place for them.

"Choir and theatre, the arts - we're inclusive," said Mr. Staton. "Everyone, come on in. We've got a place for everybody. It's a wonderful part of the day whether you're in elementary school, middle school, high school, college. It's kind of a break from the regular school day, I think. A lot of times people can succeed in music and the arts for those who might not be succeeding in other academic areas."

Not only is Q a highly respected teacher, but he's also an incredible example of perseverance through personal difficulties.

"I was diagnosed, not this past summer but the previous summer, with mouth and neck cancer and it's been a battle. I've had four surgeries within the last year. I've had some here, I've had to go to Utah for some, and it's pulled me out of the classroom a bunch. Last year, I was gone for about 2 months going through radiation and chemo and another surgery. This year, I've been gone more than I'd like to ever be gone as well, too, but it's one of those things. I live for this. I live to teach. I love coming in here and I love my kids. It's what makes me thrive. Recovering from cancer is a hard thing and sometimes sitting at home just stewing in your own thoughts is not the best thing for that. Generally, the best thing for me is being here in front of my kids, waving my arms and just directing them. Lots of fun stuff here doing choir and theatre."

For being an inspirational teacher who makes choir and theater not only fun, but also a safe place for kids to be themselves, Mr. Staton was presented with a $500 grant from the Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools, proudly sponsored by Western Security Bank, and a $150 gift card from City Brew Coffee.

If you would like your teacher to be the next recipient, make a nomination HERE.