Video Extra: Rare Baby Tiger

Posted at 9:39 AM, Jun 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-24 11:39:59-04

JACKSON, NJ – The Six Flags Great Adventure animal care team is celebrating the birth of a rare Siberian tiger cub.

The fuzzy, playful, female cub is only the second tiger cub born in the Safari in 15 years. She is the first cub to mom Nadya, who was raised in a highly unique litter that paired her with African lion Zuri three years ago. The two large cats still live together.

Nadya’s now-six-week-old cub is named Carli, in honor of soccer great and New Jersey native Carli Lloyd. She is being hand-raised by the animal care team.

“Nadya showed great mothering skills at first; but when she failed to nurse her cub, we stepped in,” said Safari Veterinarian Dr. Ken Keiffer. “Today, Carli is doing extremely well. She weighs 12 pounds and when full grown, will weigh more than 500 lbs. Her large paws are indicative of the massive cat she will grow to become one day.”

Guests will be able to see Carli in Six Flags Great Adventure’s Safari Discoveries section soon.

The animal care team plans to reintroduce Carli to her mother and “unique aunt” when she is older. “Tigers are typically solitary animals, while lions are more social. The strong bond that Carli’s mom Nadya shares with lion Zuri will hopefully mean that the trio will become their own pride one day,” Dr. Keiffer said.

Siberian tigers are endangered and rank as the largest cats in the world. There are estimated to be fewer than 500 Siberian tigers left in the wild.