Caught on Camera: Arnold Schwarzenegger attacked by rabid fan

Posted at 11:41 AM, May 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-18 13:41:52-04

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is in Johannesburg, South Africa, to attend and promote the annual Arnold Classic Africa, was sadly and unexpectedly attacked by a crazed fan as he was doing a walk-through to support athletes participating in the various sporting codes at the Sandton Convention Centre.

The incident happened while Mr. Schwarzenegger was taking a Snapchat video of a gymnastics competition, when an unknown person breached security and proceeded to kick him in the back, in full view of everyone who was both competing and watching.

Sandton Convention Centre security responded swiftly by apprehending the offender and handing him over to the police.

Wayne Price, the organizer of the Arnold Classic Africa, believes this incident was carefully planned by the offender, as he is known to the police for orchestrating similar incidents in the past. “There has been a lot of excitement and goodwill since the events began, Arnold was in great spirits and very generous with fans and athletes alike. None of us could have foreseen that something like this could have taken place.”

“Mr. Schwarzenegger is fine and still in good spirits. He still carried on with the activities as planned and is fully taking this in his stride. He even joked that some people clearly got more excited than others. He will still carry on with his planned activities, including an event tomorrow at the Arnold Seminar – where his personal mentor – Iconic Bodybuilder Reg Park and weight and powerlifting world champion, Precious McKenzie, will be getting inducted into the South African Hall of Fame,” he concludes.

Mr. Schwarzenegger has confirmed that he has no intentions of laying charges. He views this as an unfortunate incident by a mischievous fan.