Spokane family stops in Billings on way to Boston

Noah Alderson, four, needs surgery from a specialist in Boston
Posted at 6:29 PM, Aug 04, 2019

BILLINGS — Noah Alderson, a four-year-old from Spokane, is traveling through Billings with his family because he needs surgery from a specialist in Boston.

“He’s got congenital heart defects,” said Tanasha Alderson, Noah’s mother. “ He also has a rare lung disease. “

David and Tanasha Alderson said Boston Children’s Hospital can help Noah.

“There’s no real cure for congenital heart defects so the goal is to prolong his life as long as possible,” Tanasha said. “This surgery could prolong it for a really long time.”

Noah cannot travel by airplane or train because of the medical equipment.

“It amazes me that somebody would care so much about our family and our son,” she said.

“This (RV) is outfitted with extra generators and power invertors to make sure they don’t lose power along the way just because of all the equipment that Noah requires right now,” said Mike Gast, vice-president of communications for KOA, Inc. “The campgrounds are set up too. We’ve got 50 amp service all over the place, all over the country.”

Outdoorsy, a company that connects RV owners and renters, found someone to loan the RV to the Aldersons.

KOA Kampgrounds set up the places to stay between Spokane and Boston.

“It means so much to me,” Tanasha said. “It means so much to Noah and my husband and our kids.”

And Noah is enjoying the trip.

“We can all learn from Noah to just smile through the hard times and just keep that attitude because you never know what’s coming around the corner,” Tanasha said. “And every day with your child is huge. As a mom, every day counts with your kids and so every single day we’ve had with him has been a blessing.

The Aldersons will stop at nine KOA Kampgrounds along the way.

The plan is for Noah to have surgery on August 20 and return home when he is recovered.