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Missoula teacher raises money to support female students who need sports bras

Heather Cheney
Posted at 10:46 AM, Oct 04, 2022

MISSOULA - Hellgate High School Physical Education teacher Heather Cheney has a passion for exercise and her students and is doing everything she can to help them.

“This is such an item that you don't want kids to have to use those secondhand like that's such a personal item of clothing that like they'll get it firsthand it will be theirs,” said Cheney.

She has seen how important movement is for her students which is why she has taken it upon herself to purchase sports bras for students who don’t have access to the clothing.

“You know sports bras are such an integral part of movement if you're a female and I just really wanted a level playing field for everybody,” Cheney said.

A level playing field for ladies to be physically and mentally healthy.

“It looks uncomfortable," Cheney said when describing students who need the sports bras. "They tell me they're uncomfortable. They might not attend class that day. And we know how valuable movement is for memory and for learning, but there's such an association right now with mental health with combating depression and anxiety symptoms."

Cheney has collected 16 sports bras, in all sizes for students who are in need of them.

If you would like to donate money so Cheney can continue to support her students, you can email her at