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Billings Public Schools give back to staff after difficult year

Gift bags at Billings public schools
Posted at 2:38 PM, May 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-20 19:57:16-04

BILLINGS — On Thursday, the Golden Apple Committee teamed up with the Billings Public School Education Foundation to deliver gifts to every staff member of Billings public schools.

Normally the committee chooses six teachers within the district at the end of every year and bestows them with the Golden Apple Award. This year, because they felt there was no way deserving individuals could be narrowed down, they partnered with the foundation to give gifts to the entire staff.

Inside the gift bags were pieces of candy, and a gift card to local businesses.

“All the gift bags were paid for by the foundation with money from donations,” says Angie Gray, the associate principal at Ben Steele Middle School and a member of the education foundation.

Students, parents, and community members were also asked to write letters to the school staff showing their appreciation. Those letters were also handed out Thursday.

“They’ve just done an outstanding job this year, and we just wanted to express our appreciation and the appreciation of the community,” says Lynn Jensen, a co-chairman for the Golden Apple Committee.

“It’s really special to know I had an impact on at least some of the students and parents here,” said Kellie Knaub, a teacher at Ben Steele Middle School.