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World Gravy Wrestling Championships are back!: The hilarious competition returns after 2-year pandemic pause

UK World Gravy Championships 12th year 2002
Posted at 7:01 PM, Aug 30, 2022

The 12th annual World Gravy Wrestling Championships has returned after a two-year hiatus because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event, held at the Rose 'N' Bowl Pub in Lancashire, an area near Manchester in the United Kingdom, had competitors return to wrestle, grapple, and have fun in a pool of brown gravy.

Carol Lowe, a manager at the pub, said that it was "amazing to be back" as the competitors dawned fancy outfits and tossed around for two-minute rounds, the BBC reported.

Crowds gathered to witness the spectacle as competitors tried to close their eyes whenever possible so they didn't get the mixture of meat juices, chopped vegetables, and corn flour in their eyes.

This year 30 contestants competed against reigning champion Skye Penty from 2019. Six-time winner Joel Hicks also joined the gooey sport to see if he could stay at the top.