Limit screaming; When California’s theme parks reopen next month, guests will be asked to stay quiet

California health officials release guidance for reopening theme parks, sporting events
Posted at 3:51 PM, Mar 18, 2021

Theme parks in California, including Disneyland and California Adventure, may sound a little quieter when they reopen next month.

That’s because California’s Attractions and Parks Associationguidelines for reopeninginclude asking guests to wear masks and to "limit activities that are known to cause increased spread" of the virus, like singing, shouting, heavy breathing and shouting.

Intense vocal expressions, like shouting or singing, have been shown in studies to increase the amount of droplets a person’s mouth produces and could spread the coronavirus to a wider area.

Along with limiting vocal expressions, the CAPA recommends wearing masks, social distancing, limiting capacity and optimizing ventilation.

The concept of quieter theme park rides came up last summer, when Japan implemented a no screaming rule when it reopened amusement parks in July.

A video showing two executives from the Fuji-Q Highland amusement park ride some of the park’s coasters ends with the line, “Please scream inside your heart.”

Disney has announced their Southern California parks will reopen April 30 with limited capacity.