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Boston Children’s Hospital says staffers are getting threatened for offering transgender treatment

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Posted at 12:17 PM, Aug 19, 2022

The Department of Justice said it is investigating threats made against Boston Children’s Hospital after the hospital said it has been targeted by “hostile internet activity, phone calls, and harassing emails.”

The hospital said its staff and doctors have been targeted by the threats. In a statement, the hospital said the threats were fueled by “misinformation and a lack of understanding and respect for our transgender community.”

The hospital said that misinformation was spread that it performs hysterectomies on minors as part of transgender care.

“For a hysterectomy performed as part of gender-affirming care, Boston Children's requires a patient to be capable of consenting for themselves,” the hospital said. “Age 18 is used to reflect the standard age of majority for medical decision-making. Boston Children's does not – and will not -- perform a hysterectomy as part of gender-affirming care on a patient under the age of 18.

The DOJ said it is confronting hate speech.

“Today’s news about the alleged threats directed at Boston Children’s Hospital transgender health program is disturbing to say the least,” said U.S. Attorney Rachael S. Rollins. “Children deserve an opportunity to thrive and grow as their own authentic selves. Parents/guardians and health care providers who support them in that journey should be allowed to do so free of threats and harassment. I want to make it clear that the Department of Justice will ensure equal protection of transgender people under the law.”

The hospital claims to have the first adolescent and pediatric transgender health program in the U.S.

The threats come as a number of states are considering restrictions on gender-affirming treatment for minors.