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$25,000 Utah treasure hunt clue unveiled as organizers warn of rattlesnakes

Posted at 8:41 AM, Jun 18, 2024

A treasure hunt is offering lucky finders a $25,000 prize — but warning of dangerous snakes in the search area.

The Utah Treasure Hunt shared a poem full of clues meant to lead searchers to a $25,000 prize in the annual event. The chest is hidden somewhere in the state.

The event organizers said the location of the treasure had been chosen with safety in mind, noting that searchers will follow a trail "almost the entire way" to the prize. Hunters will not have to traverse difficult terrain, but should bring water and sunscreen, organizers said in a list of tips online.

However, in previous years, searchers had seen venomous rattlesnakes while looking for the prize, the event organizers said. Prospective treasure hunters should "be on alert for wildlife," the organizers said online.

"We love you guys and want everyone to stay safe and have fun," the event organizers said. Organizers also urged participants to respect the nature they travel through.

On Saturday, organizers David Cline and John Maxim released the first riddle — a poem written in Spanish. It translates to:

If you suffer pain that is cured with gold
Look for the shortcut where the choir sings
Find the place for which it is named
Turn around and follow the shadow
Where did you learn to smell the frozen?
Or did we eat lobsters in the past?
When you look at the sunrise again
Go straight, you can do it
Look at the numbers as if you were a crow
The age when he arrived is what I observe
Now you're close, one last clue
Move to the place with the best view  

Further hints will be shared on social media and via email, event organizers said. The clues will narrow down the search area while offering clues to a more specific prize location.

The first Utah Treasure Hunt was held in 2020 and had a prize of just $5,000. Multiple treasure hunts have been held each year since then, with cash prizes as high as $30,000 awarded. Last year, a 38-year-old woman from Iowa found the treasure, becoing the first out-of-state participant to win the prize.

"The greatest treasure lies not in gold, but in the thrill of the hunt, the joy of discovery, and the friends ye make along the way," event organizers said online. "Now, off with ye! The world awaits."