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Zebras brought into Montana from Washington state now in quarantine

Posted at 7:29 AM, Jun 04, 2024

OPPORTUNITY — Montana authorities claim an Opportunity woman brought zebras into Montana without first getting the required health certifications on the animals.

The state veterinarian told MTN News these zebras, who received national attention after escaping in Washington state while being transported to Montana, are now in quarantine.

The owner of the zebras, identified as Kristine Keltgen who lives near Anaconda, did not have the animals medically cleared before bringing them into Montana. In Montana, zebras are legal to own and, like horses, must first be tested for equine infectious anemia, a serious disease that can be spread through insect bites.

“Essentially, so that we're not moving disease around the country. Those tests and those visual inspections by veterinarians hopefully can help us find disease sooner and therefore minimize the impact to all of our industry,” said State Veterinarian Tahnee Szymanski.

A person who brings animals into the state without a health certificate could face a fine or jail time. The Opportunity case is still under investigation and no citation has been issued.