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Whitefish Mountain Resort has generations of families all working together

There are currently nine families working on the mountain
Posted at 3:09 PM, Feb 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-01 17:10:07-05

WHITEFISH — Whitefish Mountain Resort has generations of families all working together.

MTN reporter Maren Siu spoke with the Ryerson family, who collectively have worked at the resort for over two decades.

The Ryersons are one of nine families who work together at Whitefish Mountain Resort.

Syd Ryerson said she found Whitefish years ago and fell in love with it.

"We did a summer mountain Rockies tour, couldn't find anything better than Mount Bachelor we felt, until we got to Whitefish. And we decided this was our place," said Syd.

She works as the lift operation's manager for Whitefish Mountain Resort, and she gets to work with some very special people.

Her two sons, Augie and Seth, both work in chair lift operations with her.

"I've got Seth who is a lift operator who has been for around 10 or 11 years and Augie who is a lift mechanic," Syd said.

Seth said that as a lift operator he makes sure guests are safely getting on and off chair lifts and said that his favorite part of working is the fact he is working with his family.

"Pluses are that we get to see each other you know? That's pretty big, a lot of people don't even see their families for years at a time," Seth said.

But brother Augie Conkle said working with family can be challenging.

"I guess the only downside is that when I was a kid, I couldn't get away with much up here, because mom was always watching," laughed Conkle.

Seth jokingly echoed similar sentiments about working with family, “and the negatives would be, not being able to move up in management until my mom retires."

Syd admits she teases her sons plenty to remind Seth and Augie who their mom is, while they're on the job.

"Seth is Sethies and I'm not allowed to do anything to embarrass Augie. He won't let me," chuckled Ryerson.

Syd loves her job, but soon would like to spend more time recreating on the mountain as a guest, rather than as lift operations manager.

Whitefish Mountain Resort spokeswoman Riley Polumbus provided a list of all the families currently working at the mountain.

Ryerson Family

  • Syd (mom) - lift operations manager
  • Seth (son) - lift operator
  • Augie (son) - lift maintenance

Carr Family

  • Doreen (mom) - lift operations supervisor
  • Seth (son) - guest and info services supervisor
  • Nathan (son) - lift operations

Marcial Family

  • Doreen (mom) - rental & retail manager
  • Billy (son) - assistant manager Summit House
  • Cassie (daughter) - race team coach (note: the race team is not a WMR team but still on mountain)

Carper Family

  • Brian (dad) - director of lodging
  • Matt (son) - events crew

Logan Family

  • Charlie Logan (dad) - ambassador and former ski patrol
  • Marchand (Logan) Dye (daughter) - ski patrol

Powell Family

  • Chester (dad) - director of special projects and former director of operations
  • Nate (son) - Freestyle Team Coach
  • Nate (son) - Freestyle Team Coach

Perrin Family

  • George (dad) - lead building mechanic, WMR lodging
  • Blake (son) - lift attendant

Fisher Family

  • Jeff (dad) - instructor
  • Andrew (son) - instructor

Johnson Family

  • Jay (dad) - instructor
  • CJ (son) - instructor