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West Yellowstone to vote on repealing marijuana ban

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Posted at 8:44 AM, Nov 06, 2023

WEST YELLOWSTONE — Residents of West Yellowstone have the opportunity to repeal their marijuana ban. Last year, residents voted to ban the sale of marijuana in town.

Former Mayor of West Yellowstone Jerry Johnson believes the language on the ballot last year was confusing. He started a petition to put a repeal of the ban on the ballot for the upcoming election.

Johnson believes there are many benefits of marijuana sales in West Yellowstone including fewer illegal sales, and a big economic impact.

"They're full-time, year-round jobs," says Johnson. "And we are a resort community that doesn't have many full-time jobs. Folks that have the medical marijuana cards need it for medical purposes, they'll no longer have to drive."

Those against repealing the ban, like Greg Forsythe, say marijuana has more negative impacts on the town of West Yellowstone.

"How many more shops do we need? We got two shops outside of town right now, and I think we're a tourist town, and the influx of that interest on our tourists does not really give the town a respectable image," says Forsythe.

Ballots are due Tuesday.