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One last summer cruise for car enthusiasts

Posted at 10:37 PM, Sep 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-06 12:15:52-04


Following the cancellation of Burn the Point, two groups got together to create a night of cruising, classic cars, and community.

"After the COVID19 shut-down of Burn the Point we thought, 'Well, we need to have a cruise.'"organizer and creator of 'Corona Cruise 1 and 2.0' Wes Nelson said, "And up in the Heights here, we can keep everybody socially distanced,".

Event creators were also collecting donations.

"We just decided to do the fund-raising for Children's Memorial Fund-raiser while we're out here cruising as well," organizer and creator of the 'Burn the Town' cruise idea Cory Rede said.

Many people brought lawn chairs to take in the sights, and lined the Albert-son's,Builders First Source and Sonic sidewalks.

"It's beautiful out here. People are lining the streets in their lawn chairs, and kids and little old people and its really cool," Nelson said.

"You know I wouldn't consider myself a social butterfly, but I've met a lot of folks here tonight and they're all really happy this is going on. There's all sorts of nice folks out here tonight," Rede said.

Organizers estimate around 3,000 cars were present.

CR: "Lot of camaraderie in the community," Rede said.

"It's really cool, really casual. No sign-ups, no line-ups," Nelson said.

For some, a reminder of their first car in their youth, for others, a project, a pastime or a passion.

"Thousands and thousands of hours goes into a vehicle like this, a lot of love, and time and effort goes into these things, and money, equal parts," Nelson said.

The vehicles ranged from classic Chevys and Fords, to a Boat Car named Jenny.

It eventually made its way to 24th Street.