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New map outlines dozens of river access sites in Montana

Posted at 7:12 AM, Jan 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-21 09:37:31-05

MISSOULA — A new map that's just been released shows anglers and all river users details of more than 300 fishing access sites across Montana.

Trout Unlimited, which produced the map, hopes it will not only increase awareness of these public access points, but build interest in improving and building more.

Montana is well-known for its system of state fishing access sites operated by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and its partners but not even the most well traveled fishermen or river traveler has visited all 332 of the public access points.

The new map produced by Trout Unlimited aims to fill in the gaps, in both public awareness and also funding. Many of the sites are funded through the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund.

"We also know that there's still need for more fishing access in Montana and more places for people to get on the water and enjoy it in all the ways we do," Montana Trout Unlimited Executive Director David Brooks said. "And so we wanted to create a map that is a resource showing all the existing fishing access sites, but also shows the need that some of those fishing access sites have for improvement. As well as the need for wholly new fishing access sites."

The map, which can be zoomed into from statewide for local detail and links to information on each access site is available through the Trout Unlimited website .