New dog rescue opens in Townsend

townsend dog rescue
Posted at 7:23 AM, Mar 06, 2021

TOWNSEND — The puppy pictured above is named after his personality, Picante, which is Spanish for “spicy.”

If you are lovestruck by the cuteness of this puppy then there is good news. Picante is available for adoption, as of March 6th, after being surrendered by his previous owners.

"When he came to us, he was fully blind and his back legs were also very weak," said Makinze. She took Picante as the first dog to be treated through Dogs Are My People, a new dog rescue service in Townsend, combining dog foster care with naturopathic healing methods.

“As a naturopathic rescue, we advocate for things like titer testing instead of over-vaccinating or species-appropriate diets,” says Makinze. “We also advocate for things like delayed-impartial spay and neuter after the age of maturity. So just the things that we feel like are really the safest and healthiest options for the pet."

townsend dog rescue

Since being in the dog rescue for a couple of weeks, 3-month-old Picante has gained his vision. He can follow toys, fingers, and more. Picante also gained mobility in his legs, making it easier to enjoy play time.

Makinze’s inspiration for the rescue came after her own dog helped her overcome a difficult time in her life.

townsend dog rescue
Makinze and her own dog.

"During that really difficult season, our dog came into my life and she completely changed my life. She was the vessel of so much of God's healing in my life and it just really showed me the companionship and the bond between a dog and their family,” says Makinze. “It really gave me a passion for helping other dogs in need because I know how beneficial it is both ways, to the people and the dog."

A new dog rescue also comes with volunteer opportunities like dog sitting.

For more information, click here to visit the Facebook page.