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Montanans for Palestine protest Donald Trump, Jr. visit to Missoula

Montanans for Palestine held a protest on the University of Montana campus in Missoula on Sunday
Montanans for Palestine UM protest
Posted at 12:53 PM, Apr 29, 2024

MISSOULA — Members of Montanans for Palestine and other Missoula residents protested against the Palestine conflict on Sunday outside the Protecting Freedom event headlined by Donald Trump, Jr. at the University of Montana.

Brendan Work — one of the founding members of Montanans for Palestine’s Missoula chapter — said the group has a unified message for the guests U.S House Rep. Ryan Zinke, Gov, Greg Gianforte, U.S. Senate candidate Tim Sheehy, and Trump Jr., who are all Republicans.

“We are telling them to their faces that we aren’t afraid of them,” Work said. “You know we’re proud to stand with Palestine. We are ashamed by them we are ashamed they claim to be our representatives But this is our land this is where we’re proud to be.”

Many attendees in the building were there in support of the Republicans. But some people, such as William Israel, say despite having differences in opinion with the protesters he respects them being there.
“I think it’s the process of a healthy democracy and I think it’s great,” Israel said. “I don’t necessarily support their stance, I don’t support their position, I don’t support the things they’re preaching for or are working towards but I certainly support their right to get out there and say it so I think it’s great.”

There was a heavy student presence among the protesters on the campus who came to show their support for Montanans for Palestine.

Ashley Bruce was one of the students there and she hoped any of the representatives in the building would listen to their chants.

“At the end of the day, there are people in that building who can help us and can listen but they refuse to so sometimes you just have to be peaceful but show them that you want them to listen,” Bruce said.

“And you want them to kind of say what you’re thinking and you want them to understand why we’re here and why we’re fighting for all of this because they’re really in denial and at the end of the day we need that support.”

Protesters with Montanas for Palestine say they'll continue to stand with the Palestinian people in their journey for justice until the government calls for a cease-fire.