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Montana students get visit from NASA astronaut aboard International Space Station

Posted at 11:45 AM, Dec 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-13 13:46:24-05

LIVINGSTON - High school students in Livingston got a visitor from out of this world - literally.

NASA astronaut Christina Koch made a special stop to Park County High School via webcam from the International Space Station.

Her mission was to visit with a room filled with about 500 students and a lineup of Science Olympiad members - all with the questions.

She answered through demonstrations such as how astronauts exercise and how water works in space.

Koch also happens to be familiar with the area as she is from Livingston. Some of her friends from the area also stood by as she represented Montana from orbit.

"Hello, everyone. Thank you so much for coming. I wish I could see you all there, but I can imagine all the support,” Koch said. “I can feel it from up here. I wanted to thank you Natalie for this awesome shirt and the Park High Rangers sticker."

"It's really awesome. I've always had a passion for space. I do a lot of Space-E activities and I do some NASA summer camps,” freshman Zoe Bradley said.

"It's really incredible to see somebody that's from this community go so far and literally is orbiting the earth out of this world,” added senior Hannah Harshbarger.

Koch also talked about her recent historic achievement, being a part of the first all-women spacewalk.