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Montana Chamber of Commerce appoints new board chair

Courtney Kibblewhite
Posted at 7:49 AM, Nov 14, 2022

The Montana Chamber of Commerce has appointed a new chair of the board - Courtney Kibblewhite.

After serving six years for the Chamber, Kibblewhite is being promoted for a year-long term of service.

Her experience with the Northern Broadcasting System, AG Network, and ranch lifestyle make her the perfect fit to help expand the agricultural sector and foster relationships within rural communities which help foster business growth.

“Agriculture remains our largest industry, our largest business sector in the state of Montana, and so having someone that is as deeply rooted in agriculture as Courtney Brown Kibblewhite, through her family affiliation with boots on the ground and hands-on experience in agriculture and then also through their work through the Northern News Network, brings another perspective for business to the Montana Chamber of Commerce,” says Chamber of Commerce CEO Todd O’Hair.

Kibblewhite hopes to make an immediate impact by bringing together rural and urban businesses.

“Agriculture is a small business. It's representing people that are primarily rural-based, but that focus on small business, and to be so to be able to connect to folks in business, including those in agriculture across the state, will be something that that I believe we can do more by working together in both agriculture and in the business community than if we think of ourselves as separate from those in the city versus those in more rural areas,” says Kibblewhite.

She wants farmers and ranchers across the state to know she will continue to look out for their best interests.

“I would like to assure those folks in our community that I will personally be looking out for our interests and how we might be impacted in smaller communities who don't have the people on the tax base that other communities do,” she said.