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Grants announced for Montana history projects in 19 counties

Posted at 10:49 AM, Apr 10, 2024

HELENA — HELENA — The Foundation for Montana History recently announced its largest-ever grant-making cycle that will affect 19 counties in Montana.

Zach Coe of the Foundation for Montana History said that $240,000 in total grants was given to 29 history projects across the state.

"Just this year, we're doing a restoration project of the Yucca Theater in Treasure County, which is in Hysham, and we're really excited about that one because we've never actually funded a project in Treasure County. That building is such a cool and unique piece of our state's history," Coe said. "In addition to that, we've done projects in Fort Benton. We have one called the Keel Boat Mandan Project, which we're really excited about. That's a replica of kind of early-era Montana river travel."

"We're thrilled with the variety in terms of geography as well as subject matter this year. We've really got some great applications this year. It was a very competitive process this year. But we're thrilled with the projects that are very worthy and reflect our mission this year for funding," Ciara Ryan of The Foundation for Montana History said.

"When you're in a building that's over 100 years old, you always need a little bit of help, so we were really fortunate. We applied for the Montana History Foundation's grant to help us revitalize two of our large windows that face out the front of the building, as well as the original jail doors. And they're huge, enormously heavy wooden doors," said Benji Cosgrove of the Myrna Loy Theatre in Helena.

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