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Gianforte announces recipients of Montana veterans' commendation

Posted at 4:04 PM, Nov 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-11 18:04:57-05

BOZEMAN — Gov. Greg Gianforte announced the 2022 Montana Governor’s Veteran Commendation recipients during a breakfast honoring veterans and their families Friday in Bozeman.

The Montana Governor’s Veteran Commendation recognizes outstanding Montana veterans nominated by other Montanans.

There are 51 recipients of the 2022 Montana Governor’s Veteran Commendation who will be honored with an award ceremony in the new year. They will receive a commemorative flag flown over the Montana State Capitol in their honor.

2022 Montana Governor’s Veteran Commendation Recipients:

Richard Barnard of Saco – U.S. Army, 1971-1974
Kristopher Bartley of Park City – U.S. Army, 2005-2009
Terry Ray Beasley of Eureka – U.S. Air Force, Vietnam War
Billy Edward Benton Jr. of Great Falls – U.S. Navy, 1979-1999
Jamie Buck of Townsend – U.S. Air Force, 1990-2010
Robert Bump of Dillon – U.S. Army, Vietnam War
Dennis Burns of Great Falls – U.S. Army, 1967-1985
Douglas Byron of Glendive – U.S. Army, 1970-1972
Dawn Maree Charron of Lincoln – U.S. Air Force, 1986-2014
William Dooley of Wolf Creek – U.S. Army, Vietnam War
Casey Dusatko of Kinsey – U.S. Army, 2003-2008
Jerry Dusatko of Miles City – U.S. Army, Vietnam War
Joseph Dusatko of Great Falls – U.S. Army, 2006-2011
Neal A. Eveland of Chester – U.S. Army, Vietnam War
Robert Eyman of Livingston – U.S Army, 1952-1974
Candice Griffith of Great Falls – Montana National Guard, 1998-2018
Ken Handl of Livingston – U.S. Air Force, 1963-1967
Gregory L. Harbac of Bozeman – U.S. Marine Corp, 1978-2002
Dan Hargrove of Billings – U.S. Air Force, 1982-2003
James Howe of Bozeman – U.S. Army, Vietnam War
Jerry Hudson of Billings – U.S. Air Force, 1966-1970
Richard Jackson of Dillon – U.S. Navy, Vietnam War
Les Johnson of Havre – U.S. Air Force, 1972-1976
Erick Kahila of Missoula – U.S. Marine Corp, 2002-2010
Christopher Kemp of Superior – U.S. Marine Corp, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom
Bob Larson of Red Lodge – U.S. Air Force, 1966-1992
Dean Martin of Lewistown – U.S. Army, Vietnam War
Ralph McKinney of Billings – U.S. Marine Corp, 1964-1967
Richard McLeod of Butte – U.S. Air Force, 1957-1965
Darryl Mendoza of Miles City – U.S. Navy, 1996-2010
Robert Dean Miller of Denton – U.S. Army, 1977-2003
William Patrick O’Donnell of Great Falls – U.S. Army, 1966-1970
Vittorio Ottanelli of East Helena – U.S. Army, Operation Enduring Freedom, Spartan Shield
Steven Page of Billings – U.S. Army, 1966-1971
Chauncey Parker of Box Elder – U.S. Army, 2001-2022
Douglas Howard Parrott of Roundup – U.S. Navy, World War II
Donald Pfau of Lewistown – U.S. Army, 1945-1946
Edward J. Powers of Butte – U.S. Army, 1969-2008
Xavier Reyes of Shelby – U.S. Army, 2004-2005
Alexander Roth of Molt – U.S. Marine Corp, 2003-2009
Joseph Sanders of Billings – U.S. Navy, 1963-1967
Robert Lee Singer of Baker – U.S. Army 1966-1968
Kyle Stadel of Columbus – U.S. Army, 2002-2015
Michael Stone of Bigfork – U.S. Army 1972-1977, U.S. Navy 1977-2006
Stan Swiontek of Miles City – U.S. Army, Vietnam War
Paul Edward Thomae of Laurel – U.S. Navy, Vietnam War
Charles Thompson of Dillon – U.S. Air Force, Vietnam War
Dallas Warren Thompson of Bozeman – Army National Guard, 1954-1964
Richard “Rick” Weldon of Eureka – U.S. Army, 1971-2002
Larry Westfall of Townsend – U.S. Army, 1965-2003
Christopher Wright of Townsend – U.S. Army, 2010-2017