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From Kuwait to Montana: Dog finds new home with serviceman who helped save him

“So far it’s been a blessing. He thinks he was born and raised here."
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Posted at 1:13 PM, Mar 03, 2023

From the desert of Kuwait to the Montana Big Sky, “Ghost” the dog has gotten a new lease on life after being rescued by members of the Montana Army National Guard.

“There’s a dog out there and we’re going to go save it,” said Alex, a medic for the Montana National Guard. “Dre and I got into the FLA, and we got out here, and just like the puppy comes out.”

It was April of 2022 when the Ghost Platoon was out on a range in Kuwait for a few days when a member - Andre - heard that there was a pack of dogs that may have been poisoned by locals in the area.

“I had a sausage in hand for him, and some rubber gloves on because we didn’t know how clean he was going to be. He came running right up to us and took that sausage,” Andre said.

“Dre picked him up and brought him back. We gave him a bath and gave him some food, just trying to keep him alive really,” Alex said.

But the servicemen and women weren’t allowed to handle or interact with any wildlife, and that included the puppy.

“You know at a certain point silence is key, so I tell them you can’t bring the dog on base - I’m telling you, that’s what I’m doing - now I’m going to look this way,” said Denton Rone, a member of Ghost Platoon and the manager out on the range at the time.

Alex got to work, reaching out to services in the area and eventually connecting with a non-profit 'Paws of War.'

“Luckily it worked out. I had to go back out on the range, so the two of us met up with the Paws of War volunteer and they picked him up, and they sent him on his way,” Alex said.

From the desert of Kuwait to the Big Sky, Ghost now has a home with Andre.

“So far it’s been a blessing. He thinks he was born and raised here! He’ll be outside and chew on his elk bone for hours!” Andre said.

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Dog finds new home with serviceman that helped save him

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