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California couple files petition to save house in Glacier National Park

GNP private house
Posted at 6:00 AM, Apr 07, 2023

GLACIER NATIONAL PARK - The owners of a house in Glacier National Park along McDonald Creek, which was built without obtaining a proper permit, have filed a petition with the Flathead Conservation District seeking to save the house from demolition.

The petition is standard procedure if the private party owner does not agree with the findings of the Conservation District Board and allows them to present their own evidence and counterarguments as to why the house should be able to remain where it is.

The conservation district received the petition from John and Stacy Amber on April 3. The first step after receiving the petition is to appoint a hearing officer within 30 days.

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The FCD Board of Supervisors meets on the second Monday of every month to look at 310 Law applications and issues, and this petition is on the April 10 agenda.

The board will discuss the receipt of the petition, discuss the proceedings and review the request. While it is unlikely, the board could possibly appoint a hearing officer at this meeting.

Samantha Tappenbeck with the FCD says that they do not receive these petitions frequently. With all proceedings for this type of petition — outlined in the Adopted Rules for the FCD — the proceedings on this petition could take up to four months.

From there, the Amblers could seek judicial review in state District Court.

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