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Bomb threats received at Montana schools, investigation continues

Billings schools also received threat
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Posted at 6:02 AM, Jan 17, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-17 10:35:54-05

UPDATE: 1/17/24 8:35 a.m.

Billings public schools were among the schools to receive a threat, according to the district.

This message was posted tothe district's Facebook page Wednesday morning:

Families, at 9:15 PM last night we received reports of emails sent to employees regarding attacks to our schools by an individual representing a terror organization in the Middle East. This message has been sent across the state. We have determined that this message is a hoax. Law enforcement is actively tracking the source. Normal school today. This message was also sent out at 9:45 last night through Parent Square.


UPDATE: 1/17/24, 8:20 AM - Bozeman School Superintendent Casey Bertram issued the following to BSD7 parents, students and staff:

Good Morning,

We are appreciative of Bozeman Police Department (BPD) patrol officers and our SROs who have walked through all buildings following the widely distributed email bomb threat across the state last evening. We are proceeding with school at all sites today. You may notice an increased law enforcement presence at the schools as we continue to work and monitor the situation. Questions for law enforcement can be directed to our SRO Sergeant, Scott McCormick,  


Casey Bertram, Superintendent


A threatening email was reportedly sent to several schools across Montana, including Bozeman, claiming that bombs were planted in schools.

Bozeman School District Superintendent Casey Bertram wrote in a press release that law enforcement has informed them that the threat doesn't appear to be credible.

"At this time we are proceeding with school," Bertram writes.

Any change will be communicated with parents and staff via email, the district website, social media, and through local media.

Jefferson County Sheriff Tom Grimsrud said in a press release that schools in Jefferson County were also impacted, including Whitehall High School, Jefferson High School, and Montana City School.

The Sheriff's Office conducted a sweep of all school facilities, and no suspicious devices were found. Sheriff Grimsrud said his office will continue to investigate with the Montana Department of Justice and the FBI.