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Bobcats fans in Great Falls celebrate big win over the Griz

The final score was 48 to 14
Posted at 3:41 PM, Nov 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-24 18:14:46-05

GREAT FALLS — The Cat-Griz Brawl brought out fans wild sides all over town Saturday afternoon as they cheered on their team of choice at Snits Bar and Casino.

While most fans identify as either a Bobcat or a Grizzly, college senior Gabby Fought has experienced the brawl from both sides.

Having attended both Montana State University and the University of Montana, she says she just enjoys the game.

“My first year I was in Bozeman, so I was a Cat. And then I transferred over to Missoula and I grew up with all these people from all over you know the state of Montana and most of the time they go to either Bozeman or Missoula,” Fought said.

Fought doesn’t let the rivalry keep her from enjoying the game.

“I have fun either way. Whether we win or lose, it’s a good time,” Fought said.

Father to an MSU Student, Matt Willis, knows just what team he’s rooting for.

For today I’m a Bobcat fan because my daughter goes to school there. And all my money goes down there. So we’re really gonna cheer for the Cats today,” Willis said.

And his cheering seemed to pay off because the Bobcats defeated the Grizzlies 48 to 14.

If you missed this year’s festivities, the Brawl of the Wild will return next year for their 120th face-off.