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Stevensville man making an impact with Bubba’s Bundles firewood

Posted at 1:05 PM, Jul 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-28 15:05:38-04

STEVENSVILLE – Christopher Mosser sells firewood and kindling across Western Montana.

Ten percent of his sales go to charities that have helped him. Now, he wants to start hiring more people with special needs.

Christopher’s shop sounds like whirring, radio static, and wood splitting. He started Bubba’s Bundles business in 2017. His dad, Gary, says Chris has always loved working with machines.

“The diagnosis was…when Christopher was diagnosed, was really a kick in the gut for my wife and me,” Gary said. “We didn’t know anything about autism, we didn’t know what that meant for Christopher’s life longterm.

He was diagnosed when he was three. The family worked with the Child Development Center in Missoula, and his dad attributes much of their success to that intervention.

Bubba’s Bundles receives support from all over Montana, and the business has grown from making a few thousand dollars annually, to $22,000.

They now sell the wood in 19 locations from Hamilton to Polson, and Mosser says the increase in sales brings more opportunity.

Stevensville Super One manager Cory Burkhardt says he’s worked with Bubba for a few years.

“It’s great to see Bubba come in and deliver firewood. We move a lot of product with them. He’s always very friendly, and they’re great to work with,” Burkhardt said.

Their main goal is to employ people with special needs, and eventually make enough for Chris to be financially independent.

Working with Ravalli Services and Vocational Rehabilitation, the Mossers made their first hire on Wednesday.

“As a father, I’m happy that he has a purpose. That when he gets up in the morning, that he’s got something to do, things to get accomplished, and that he’s proud of it,” Gary stated.

Bubba’s Bundles has already donated almost $8,000 to the Child Development Center and Vocational Rehabilitation.

Chris also makes monthly donations to various charities including Birthright of the Bitterroot and Feed the Children.

Katie Miller – MTN News