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Central Valley Fire District debuts new headquarters

Posted at 3:50 PM, Jul 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-21 17:50:13-04

BELGRADE – Central Valley Fire District’s new headquarters is not only a huge improvement, it is also strategically placed to keep Belgrade safer.

“A lot faster response times, we can go north south east or west on arterial roads. We’re not hampered by the railroad tracks or interstate; we’re not slowed down because of school zones.” Central Valley Fire Chief Ron Lindroth said.

Down to details like the glass doors, behind which the station’s vehicles park, the new building is energy-efficient and designed to shorten response times.

“They’re designed to open sideways as opposed to standard rolling up doors. That gives us the ability to open them in four seconds. They also don’t jam up if we have an earthquake; they’re very resistant to any damage that way.” Lindroth said.

The Station has taken steps to keep their firefighters in shape. All responders are required to complete one hour of exercise per shift.

“We have a nice area to work out. So we have a door that opens up, they can be In the outside area during summertime, springtime.” Lindroth said.

The station even has a building dedicated to reducing the risk of cancer.

“The trucks go out there and are washed. They hose off all the equipment including all of their protective gear and uniforms, and we have steam showers out there to clean the firefighters.” Lindroth said.

Guided tours were available during the grand opening on Saturday.

Carson Vickroy – MTYN News