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‘Independence Day miracle:’ Bozeman baby shares Fourth of July birthday with family members past

Posted at 1:04 PM, Jul 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-06 15:04:15-04

BOZEMAN – As of Thursday, three new babies in Bozeman share a birthday on the Fourth of July.

For newborn Declan Graham, it’s an extra-special honor as he now shares the birthdate with three other members of his family.

Colin and Brittany Graham say it took them years of trying before they learned little Declan would be on the way.

“The long years of waiting, it’s just — God has perfect timing,” Brittany said.

Perfect timing sometimes takes a while. Colin and Brittany say they now know this well.

“Declan’s been a very long-prayed-for little guy for us,” Colin said. “Four and a half years.”

That’s the first amazing part.

The other three took place decades ago on the same day, years apart.

When they heard Declan’s expected due date, Colin says for him the patriotic stars seemed to align.

“They said that his due date was July 10 and my head immediately went to the fact that my brother is a July 4 baby, my uncle is a July 4 baby, and my great grandmother is a Fourth of July baby,” Colin said.

That’s right: Declan marks the fourth life brought into the world for Colin’s bloodline on the Fourth of July.

“We got here on the third and we were hoping for at least after midnight,” Brittany said.

“We came in on the third because Declan was showing signs of being just a little bit early and we were all pretty excited about that because we knew the possibility of rolling over into the Fourth was going to be likely,” Colin said.

“All we needed was 12:01 and we got more,” Brittany said.

“All we needed was midnight and some change,” Colin said.

They picked up that change and even had fireworks to greet them through their hospital window.

“By the time we got through to recovery room, we got to watch the fireworks,” Brittany said.

Little Declan’s red, white and blue blood goes back decades: World War II, Vietnam and so on.

His dad said that even when they were up in the hospital room, they discovered something else pretty cool.

“My mom texted me and said, ‘Hey, by the way, your great grandmother was at the dedication of the Statue of Liberty in 1886,’ and I’m like, whoa,” Colin said.

“Which we know because the newspaper did a feature about his brother,” Brittany adds.

Even beyond sharing that patriotic birthday, Colin’s roots are connected to their country in another way.

“My dad fought in Vietnam and my grandfather was in World War II and was not too far from the beaches of Normandy on June 6 of ‘44,” Colin said.

“I’m feeling great. It is so surreal and amazing,” Brittany said.

Their little Independence Day miracle, four and half years in the making, and now something for Declan to think about for the Fourth of July’s to come.

“God wanted you here yesterday,” Brittany said.

“God wanted him here on the day that he came and it was all for a good reason,” Colin said. “We hope that he will carry on the tradition.”

Colin owns a hot air balloon tour company in Bozeman. He said that when Declan is old enough, his first ride will be in their red, white and blue one.

Cody Boyer – MTN News