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Great Falls woman, once declared missing, now facing charge in connection with Christmas incident

Posted at 4:58 PM, Apr 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-17 18:58:55-04

GREAT FALLS- Brook-Lyn ArrowTopKnot is facing a felony charge in connection with an alleged Christmas kidnapping involving numerous people.

ArrowTopKnot, whose disappearance in late December of 2018 prompted authorities to issue an “attempt to locate” on her, is facing a felony aggravated kidnapping (accountability) charge.

Brook-Lyn ArrowTopKnot (Courtesy: Cascade County Detention Center)

The charge stems from an alleged kidnapping and assault on Christmas Day involving Guadalupe Galicia Sr., the man connected to ArrowTopKnot’s disappearance and a Great Falls stabbing.

Court documents state Galicia and ArrowTopKnot came to Great Falls on Dec. 25, 2018 and were joined by Lance Doney. The three picked up another woman, referred to as Jane Doe, who they believed had stolen $800 from Galicia and ArrowTopKnot.

During the day, the group drove to various houses in Great Falls looking for a male they thought was involved in and/or had spent the stolen $800, according to court documents. At one point, Sylvia Heavyrunner and Kayla Hawley joined the group.

Text and Facebook messages showed Hawley, Heavyrunner, Galicia, and Doney had reached out to other people trying to find the male. During this time, Galicia was also directing others to erase messages from him, according to court documents.

Court documents state that while leaving Great Falls, the group reportedly told Doe that if “she cannot figure out what happened, they will have to handle it differently.”

ArrowTopKnot then pulled over and Doe was told to get out of the car. When out of the car, ArrowTopKnot, Heavyrunner, and Hawley started hitting her while Galicia and Doney held Doe’s arms behind her back, according to court documents.

After being beaten, Doe was told to get into the trunk. She told investigators she heard the group in the car talking about “finding a spot to bury her.” She said she panicked, pulled the trunk release lever, jumped out of the trunk, and took off running.

Guadalupe Galicia Sr. (Courtesy: Cascade County Detention Center)

Court documents state Doney chased and tackled her. Doe said she then sat in the front seat while the group drove around town looking for a gun, according to court documents. She was later allowed to leave.

Several individuals reported seeing Doe afterwards and said she appeared to have been badly beaten. Doe told investigators she did not seek medical care out of fear.

On the night of Dec. 25 and into Dec. 26, the group dispersed. Doney and ArrowTopKnot were driving around when Galicia, Heavyrunner, and another male found them and cut off their vehicle in the Parkdale area.

Heavyrunner and Galicia both assaulted ArrowTopKnot before Heavyrunner pulled her from the car and punched her in the face. Heavyrunner then drove away.

Galicia and Doney fought and Galicia stabbed Doney with a knife, according to court documents. Galicia and ArrowTopKnot then fled the scene.

A nationwide arrest was issued for Galicia and an “attempt to locate” on ArrowTopKnot following the December 26th stabbing incident.

Authorities found ArrowTopKnot safe and arrested Galicia in Browning on Jan. 18.

In ArrowTopKnot’s charging documents, Galicia, Doney, Heavyrunner, and Hawley are listed as co-defendants.