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Anaconda struggling with heavy snowfall

Posted at 7:19 AM, Feb 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-28 09:20:38-05

BUTTE – The relentless snowfall across Montana is taking a heavy toll on the small town of Anaconda.

“We’re in a tough situation, we’ve got an awful lot of snow. More snow than anyone can even remember,” said Anaconda Chief Executive Bill Everett.

Heavy snow has made most roads impassable, vehicles are literally buried in snow, and the city has had to hire out four private contractors to use their haul trucks to help them move the mountains of snow.

“Even with all this crew, they’re working their rears off, we’re truly just putting a dimple in it. The cubic yards of snow that must be removed is absolutely astronomical right now,” said Everett.

The chief executive said the town is really pulling together during this difficult time.

“Everyone’s helping their neighbor out: Plowing, helping pick up groceries. We definitely need to band together and help out our neighbors right now,” said Everett.

People spent much of the day trying to clear snow from their walks and around their vehicles.

“I’ve been doing this all day and every time someone drives by it comes right back in. I haven’t been able to park here in three days,” said Anaconda resident Marilyn Butler.

This is the most snow people have seen in recent years.

“We moved back about 15 years ago and this was the first time we’ve had this kind of snow though in this amount of time, so it’s kind of unusual,” said Coffee Corral owner Kim Jones.

And for many businesses like the Coffee Corral, snow or no snow, it’s business as usual.

Anyone needing emergency assistance due to the snow can call emergency assistance at 563-5241.

By John Emeigh – MTN News