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Man arrested after allegedly hiding in Great Falls bar with $13K

Posted at 5:05 AM, Feb 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-26 07:05:52-05
John Kelly O’Boyle
John Kelly O’Boyle (Cascade County Detention Center)

GREAT FALLS – John Kelly O’Boyle is facing charges for burglary and theft after police allegedly found him hiding in a fireplace at a bar with over $13,000 in a backpack.

Court documents state officers were dispatched to the North 40 Bar early Monday morning because an interior motion detector alarm was going off.

When an officer arrived he heard noises in the building and observed a man in a black ski mask walk out of the south door. When the man saw the officer, he went back into the bar, according to court documents.

The owner of the North 40 Bar arrived and gave officers permission to enter the building. The same individual observed outside was found hiding in the fireplace with a backpack, according to court documents.

Approximately $13,735 in cash was found in the backpack.

Court documents state the man, identified as O’Boyle, had entered the building through the exhaust vent on the roof, which had to be pried open and damaged.

O’Boyle turned off all power and then cut the cable wires and ripped off the alarm panel, according to court documents. The actions caused approximately $1,000 in damages.

O’Boyle has been charged with two felonies for burglary and theft and misdemeanor criminal mischief.