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Caught on Camera: Grizzly bear charge

Posted at 11:01 AM, Feb 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-20 13:01:17-05

In October 2017, a three-person film crew from Visionhawk Films went to the Paradise Valley 20 miles from Yellowstone National Park with bear expert Casey Anderson to film him for an interview.

While filming was taking place with Casey, a sow and her cub appeared. Having heard the team approaching the two grizzlies came up out of a small gullyditch.

Immediately Casey grabbed his bear spray from its shoulder harness and pointed it at the sow as it ran near the team.

His experience in bear country told him that this sow could charge if she felt threatened. As she passed by the team, she realized the cub had fallen back and in order to protect the cub she charged toward the team and at 10 feet Casey dispersed his spray, the bear stopped, knowing that her cub had gained ground and was now safely behind her.

Several factors played a part in this ending up as a non-lethal encounter. One, Casey was prepared and did not panic. Two, The spray was ready accessible and dispersed at the proper moment. Three, the cub was able to get to his Mom.

The whole sighting, to charge, to retreat took less than 15 seconds. It may look like the fence aided as a barrier, however if you look at the beginning of the video the sow goes under that same fence with ease. If she wanted to go past it and attack the team, she could have easily done so.”