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Happy Birthday Montana!

Posted at 6:05 AM, Nov 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-08 08:05:36-05

Happy 129th Birthday Montana!

 Montana became a state on November 8, 1889. 

 Montana gained its name from the Spanish word for “mountains.” ​

Montana is the fourth largest state in the nation, but has an average of six people per square mile, with a current population of about 1.06 million people.

 Montana is home to seven Indian reservations, the largest migratory elk herd in the United States, as well as the largest grizzly bear population in the lower 48 states. 

 More species of mammals exist in Montana than anywhere else in the country. 

 Bozeman’s Museum of The Rockies is home to more 13 T-Rex specimens, more than anywhere in the world.

 The first woman to serve in the United States Congress, Jeanette Rankin, was a Missoula, Montana native. 

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