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Montana Farmers Union annual convention kicks off with a stress-free cattle seminar

Posted at 9:26 PM, Oct 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-26 23:26:05-04

GREAT FALLS- Every year at the end of October, the Montana Farmers Union hosts its annual state convention.

This year, cattle clinician Curt Pate kicked off the convention with a stress-free cattle seminar.

Pate focuses on stress-free cattle handling, which is a way to move cattle quickly and efficiently, but at the same time not causing stress to the animals and making things easier on the rancher.

This is a busy time of year when ranchers will be handling a lot of cattle either shipping them or preg checking them.

Justin Loch, Montana Farmers Union membership and development director, said, “The seminar is a great way to give them some tips and make life easier both on the rancher and the animals.”

During Pate’s two hour seminar and demonstration, he showed the basics and fundamentals of handling cattle in a way that’s both economically positive and good for the cows and the people working them.

Pate said the demonstration is either for ranchers to teach their crews or for those new to the business.

He said, “A good stockman takes care of his cattle and his land and that’s what the Montana Farmers Union is all about is taking care of people, the land, and their resources. So, cattle handling once you start doing and working that way, it just kind of funnels down to everything, so your people get better, your cattle get better, your land gets better.”

The Montana Farmers Union annual convention will be held all day Friday and all day Saturday at the Holiday Inn.

Story by Kasey Herman, MTN News