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Montana rodeo queens reflect on their reign

Talking with Kayla Seaman and Rebecca Stroh
Posted at 9:31 AM, Jan 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-13 14:26:04-05

As two rodeo queens begin their reign, two of 2019’s beloved rodeo royalty are exiting the arena. Earlier this week MTN’s Lindsie Hiatt met with Miss Rodeo Montana 2019 Kayla Seaman and Miss Teen Rodeo Montana 2019 Rebecca Stroh for an end-of-reign review.

In the past year, the titleholders of 2019 have shared their love of Montana rodeo with the world and each other.

“The whole point of (Miss Rodeo Montana) is like a mentorship program,” Stroh said.

The rodeo queens each used their individual expertise to leave a mark on Montana.

“Kayla had a lot more of the showing experience and all-around life experience,” Stroh said.

But the teen titleholder had plenty to teach Seaman as well, as she took on the role with four years of pageant experience under her belt.

Seaman, on the other hand, didn’t enter the pageant world until after college. "I decided I wanted to be a rodeo queen after I finished college. So I was pretty late in the game compared to some of the girls that grew up doing pageants,” Seaman said.

The late transition left her with a lot of learning to do: "I would say the hardest part is when you didn’t grow up in an industry, learning the industry. Every day you learn something new and you never stop learning,” Seaman said.

She had a strong teacher in Stroh, who started rodeo-ing straight out of the gate.

“I have rodeoed since I could ride a horse,” Stroh said.

And during their year as the rodeo queen team, the young ladies developed a sisterly bond.

“The rodeo world is a family and the girls really take that to heart because we have something in common with every girl that is competing... The ecoin industry and rodeo is what brings us together and it’s something we all love,” Seaman said.

Even now that the girls have descended the throne, Miss Rodeo Montana will always be part of their world.

“Once you’re in the world you don’t really ever leave,” Seaman said.

Seaman said she feels a duty to give back to the organization that gave so much to her, by lending support to the queens crowned after her.

“When they get a little bit tired and they want a queen mom, I’ll be right there. I can bring my trailer down. I’ve got a horse if they need it and I’ll be happy to help them out,” Seaman said.

And although Stroh is no longer Miss Teen Rodeo Montana, she hopes to compete for Miss Rodeo Montana someday.

“Hopefully I will run for Miss Rodeo Montana so that I can mentor the next teen,” Stroh said.

On Saturday, Seaman and Stroh passed their crowns on to this year’s rodeo royalty. But you can learn more about the queens of 2019 and 60 others from Miss Rodeo Montana history at the official website .