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Montana Ag Network: Big Sandy Farmer’s Literary Venture

Posted at 12:08 PM, Jul 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-07 14:08:59-04

BIG SANDY – Big Sandy farmer Bob Quinn can be described as an entrepreneurial farmer. The organic farmer has written a book to share the secrets to success, offer insight on value-added agriculture and the importance of nutritious food options for consumers.

“What I decided to do after 40 years of farming and 30 years of organic farming and other enterprises is to just to write a book and tell people about it,” said Quinn.

Writing about his successes and failures, Bob Quinn wants to inspire consumers and agriculturalists alike.
“It’s a book about the high cost of cheap food,” said Quinn. “The focus on how cheap food is a detriment to us as farmers, to our small communities, to the pollutions of our world. Then finally, and probably most significant, to our health.”

Quinn wants farmers and ranchers and the communities they support to thrive. By looking at growing food differently farmers can add more value to what they grow.

“I don’t grow a single commodity on my whole farm,” Quinn added. “We have 4,000 acres and lots of wheat and lots of barley. Not a single commodity. I’m only growing food. Good food for people to be nourished by, to enjoy and give them vitality.”

Recently Quinn was a presenter at the Montana Farm Bureau Summer Conference in Bozeman. He shared with his fellow agriculturalists examples of how they can be innovative in the countryside.

“You don’t have to buy out your neighbors to bring your kids back to the farm,” Quinn shared. “You can look at additional enterprises that you can add to the farm or ranch that you already have. Find something that you can add more value to and bring more money back to the farm to support those additional family members, friends or whoever you want to bring back to the farm. That’s what we’re talking about. Different things that we tried on our farm have gone well and some not so well, but there are lots of things that can be done.”

In his book, Quinn wrote of adding value to his farm with his trademark grain Kamut. After years of hard work and research,  Quinn’s Big Sandy Organics has multiple products like Kracklin Kamut, organic safflower oil and more food options that are available to food consumers. From that experience, Quinn wants to help others succeed.

“I think what I’ve tried to do in my book is really just tell my story,” Quinn said. “I want to share the lessons that I have learned through trying different crops and different ideas and different markets. That’s what I’m trying to share with people.”

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