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Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter seeking seniors citizens to adopt seniors pets

Posted at 6:43 PM, Jan 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-18 10:13:00-05

BILLINGS- Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter is debuting a new program designed to connect one of the most-forgotten groups of animals with their forever homes.

"We officially launched our new Seniors Adopting Seniors program," Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter's Triniti Chavez said Friday.

The idea was created to make the process of adopting an older animal more affordable and help make better matches between senior adopters and senior animals in the shelter.

Senior citizens will receive an age-based discount when adopting a senior pet. Pets over eight are considered seniors.

"So if you're a 95-year-old, you get a 95 percent discount," Chavez said.

In addition to their companionship, senior animals generally will already be potty-or litter-box trained, vaccinated, and may even have a micro-chip,

The inspiration behind this program was simple for Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.

"We love anybody who will give a senior dog a chance. It always kind of just makes us want to cry here that somebody sees the qualities that we see in them and gives them that second chance," Chavez said. "It's hard to see an older animal come in to the shelter. You belong on a fluffy couch and not hanging out here, and so we find those adopters that are willing to take that chance on them. They fill our hearts, too."

If you are interested in adopting, Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter is located at 1735 Monad Road.