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Yellowstone County Relay For Life ready for big year even with COVID

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Posted at 10:52 PM, Mar 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-05 00:52:09-05

The Yellowstone County Relay for Life consistently finishes in the top 10 for per capita for fund-raising, including last year with a modified event due to COVID.

The Relay kicked off at the Mariott Residence Inn on Thursday night.

"One of the top cities in the nation," said Randy Sears, Relay team chair. "That's something to really be proud of in Yellowstone. It really is. To get involved with a charity like Yellowstone Relay for Life that that raises such an enormous amount of funds for the community is very, there's a lot of pride that goes along with that as well."

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Cam and Shannon Maxwell are the co-chairs for 2021.

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Sears said organizers and participants in the kickoff and the relay have a good bond.

"Cancer is something that we just about all can have someone we know, a loved one or a friend or a family member that that you know has has been down that path in life," Sears said. "And I think that's really the core of what pulls everybody together."

This year's event will also be adjusted, but the goals are high.

In 2020, 78 teams participated and the goal this year is 100.

"I know with Yellowstone's dedication that we get from our community, I truly believe that 100 is going to happen this year," said Sears. "It's times like now that we need everybody to step forward you know to show that we can even in the middle of a pandemic. And no matter what struggle we have in life that we can keep stepping forward."

The theme this year is "On the Road Again Relay for Life Street Edition."

Organizers call it a hybrid event with a cruise on 24th Street West and some more regular features at West High School, much like last year.

"It was such a great turnout and people were just really loving the drive and dressing their cars up," Relay Team Chair Randy Sears said about the 2020 relay. "We have so many wonderful ideas, so much creativity in the cars and doing different things with them."

The kickoff was an open house type and it was streamed live on Facebook.

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The goal is to raise more than $600,000.

The relay is scheduled for Friday, July 9.