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YAM Summer Art Academy: The legacy of Sally McIntosh, a Billings art influence

Posted at 10:03 PM, Jun 14, 2024

BILLINGS — With nearly 100 students in attendance, Rocky Mountain College hosted the Yellowstone Art Museum's (YAM) 25th annual summer art academy between Monday, June 3 and Friday, June 14.

"Our campers do select four classes and they go to those four classes every day, almost like a college student would for 90 minutes each," said Marilu Metherell, an art educator with the program.

During their time learning, students such as 11-year-old Link Famighetti attend courses including mixed media, found object sculpting, puppetry, and print making, among others.

“If you don’t like one way (of creating art), you can go and try another way. And if you don’t like that way that you’re trying it, then you can do it another way, and it basically goes on infinitely," said Famighetti.

He is one of 18 students who were able to attend this year's camp through the Sally McIntosh scholarship.

“She was always just so inspiring," said Carrie Goe Nettleton, the education director with the YAM, about McIntosh, the founder of the art academy, part founder of Billings' art walk, and owner of McIntosh Art Supply, a now defunct local business.

McIntosh was said to be a known art influence who was outspoken about accessibility in art.

“The idea (behind the camp is) that later on in life, if (students are) thinking about college, instead of it seeming, maybe, very distant … they have this memory, ‘oh, I know what it’s like to be part of the campus," said Mary Serbe, an art educator with the program.