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Why you haven't seen Q2's Jeanelle Slade on air this week

Posted at 7:18 PM, Mar 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-20 21:22:40-04

Regular Q2 viewers may have noticed that Q2 evening anchor Jeanelle Slade has been out all week.

She hasn't been allowed back to work since last Friday, when she came down with a cold and cough.

She's seen a doctor and has no fever, so her symptoms don't match those of the COVID-19. Nevertheless, out of an abundance of caution, she's working from home until she's feeling 100 percent.

Q2's Jeanelle Slade at home

This was her message from Friday's 5:30 news:

"Hey Russ, and hi to all our Q2 Viewers. Welcome to my home. I wish it was under different circumstances. But this just goes to prove that here at Q2, we are all in this together.

"And although I feel well enough to be at work, and I want to be there, I still don’t sound well enough to be there. You’ve all seen me anchor with a cold- my voice gets a little gravelly- but right now, we are in a different place. I want to keep all of my friends and colleagues safe.

"So I will be working from home until I’m not sniffling and coughing. Here in my house, we’ve been diligent about disinfecting and maintaining social distancing. And we’re going to keep it up.

"I’ll get better about posting updates on my Q2 Jeanelle Slade Facebook page and you can certainly touch bases with me there. Keep tuning into Q2 on air and online.

"Please, even if you feel just fine, please follow the COVID-19 precautions so we can help others stay safe."